Posted by: terryhowe | March 16, 2017

Spinning up a Stackato Server in the Cloud PaaS

I’m working today trying to use Stackato to be able to spin up a slave for Jenkins.  Hopefully, Stackato can help me make spinning up these slave servers easier, we will see.  I have a fair amount of software I need to install on the server.  The basic getting started guide can be found here:

What the documentation doesn’t really talk about as far as security groups is what ports you need to open.  To create these rules with the CLI:

hpcloud securitygroups:add stackato Stackato
hpcloud securitygroups:rules:add stackato tcp -p 22..22
hpcloud securitygroups:rules:add stackato tcp -p 80..80
hpcloud securitygroups:rules:add stackato tcp -p 443..443
hpcloud securitygroups:rules:add stackato tcp -p 1..65535 -g stackato
hpcloud securitygroups:rules:add stackato icmp

When you have the ports open, they should look like this:

$ hpcloud securitygroups:rules stackato
 | id    | source    | protocol | from | to    |
 | 32415 | | tcp      | 22   | 22    |
 | 32417 | | tcp      | 80   | 80    |
 | 32419 | | tcp      | 443  | 443   |
 | 37583 | stackato  | tcp      | 1    | 65535 |
 | 44411 | | icmp     | -1   | -1    |

To create the server with the CLI, I ran:

 hpcloud servers:add stackato large -i 1000095768 -k cli_test_key1 -s stackato

Then I got the IP with the following command:

hpcloud servers stackato

I’m not going to set up DNS, so I just put some entries in my /etc/hosts file:

The first thing I did was secure shell into my new server using the CLI:

hpcloud servers:ssh stackato -l stackato

Next I set the server name and rebooted:

kato rename



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