Posted by: terryhowe | March 16, 2017

Running a basic Django Application with Stackato

I’ve been experimenting with Stackato lately to create a basic Django application and I’ve found the documentation a bit scattered. There is a very basic which I took and kind of combined with the Django quick start instructions. The biggest missing thing is when I deployed the application with stackato push -n it did not connect the database to the application.

The first thing I looked at was the on the Stackato WUI application page there is a link for logs. They didn’t provide a lot of detail. There are better logs in the Files page under logs. Here, the first thing I noticed is that it claimed that DATABASES was not set. I’m not sure why this was since I could see where it was being set in the stackato/ file. What I ended up doing was modifying the to set DATABASES. I’d messed up the when I was merging the getting started application with the Stackato sample application.

The next problem was the static style sheets where not pushed to the application. I was able to update the static information with:

stackato run python collectstatic --noinput



  1. This is an old post I forgot to publish.

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