Posted by: terryhowe | September 28, 2016

Why Working with Mesos is Like Embedded Programming

The other day I was using Mesosphere and it reminded me of when I was doing embedded programming a long time ago.

  • You have all these docker containers running the minimalistic operating systems.  You connect to one and you have no command history, lots of commands are missing and even command line options that you like are missing.  This all reminds of be working on projects where I was using Hard Hat or Busy Box on IPTV set top boxes and various modems and gateways.
  • There is an arcane procedure for uploading images into mesos just as there is  for uploading an image in an embedded environment.  You are never sure if your image is going to work or just brick the whole system.
  • Connecting to a docker container isn’t much different than tethering to some embedded device.  Instead connecting to the terminal through the serial port, you run docker exect -it and get a similar user experience.

The only problem is when you are running in the mesos world, you have to figure out where your docker container is running.


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