Posted by: terryhowe | August 5, 2014

Using OpenStack Python Client to Create a Server on Helion

I’d like to post this up because I am likely to forget the python-openstackclient syntax for creating a server. I’ve been through this before and forgot yet again. Here it goes:

os server create --flavor m1.tiny --image 79a19846-d614-419b-b4f8-cb503bffe8f4 --nic "net-id=fe40196d-9fd7-415c-80a1-204f4d2630b1" serverName --debug

Where 79a19846-d614-419b-b4f8-cb503bffe8f4 is the image and e908c11e-5b96-4c90-86c6-44cd8d371709 is the network. The –nic option is used when it would be nice to have a –network option that uses the append option.


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