Posted by: terryhowe | November 7, 2011

Agile: Individuals and Interactions

Part of the Agile Software Development manifesto is “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools” which I interpret to mean the individuals select the process and tools.  It makes sense in that each project may benefit from different tools and process.  The selection of an editor is something that can be left to the individual, but source code control and bug tracking may be core to the success of an organization.  People have preferences, but to me, It doesn’t matter if I’m using git, subversion or any other source code control tool.  The same goes for editor choices I don’t mind if people use Eclipse, emacs, or even vi.  It is the little things that matter when it comes to editor selection, like white space.  These editors can be configured to be in agreement on trivial things like white space though.


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