Posted by: terryhowe | September 30, 2009

EBIF: Enhanced Binary Interchange Format

EBIF is a thin client similar to a web browser that supports various display widgets to run interactive television applications. These applications are supposed to require minimal resources in the broadcast bandwidth stream and the set-top box. It is not clear how a thin client will minimize resources on the of broadcast bandwidth though. EBIF is commonly referred to as ETV for “Enhanced TV”. It was developed under the OpenCable project of CableLabs.

EBIF can be used to support voting, requests for information, telescoping, microsites, and t-commerce. Through it, the end user can communicate with backend servers, interact with advertising, launch VOD, etc. ETV applications are bound to video content and allow user interaction. EBIF applications development for the user is is similar to web development. There are simulators that can run on PCs to test the application.


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